TikTok Comes for Juilliard After the School Rejected Beloved Creator Axel Webber

When aspiring actor Axel Webber bombed his audition for The Juilliard School’s acting program, he kept TikTok updated in a charming series of videos.

“Remember I said the only thing I can’t do is an accent?” Webber, 22, said in a video posted Sunday. The video now has 4.1 million views.

“I did an accent. I couldn’t help it,” Webber said, giggling. “It just sounds better when it sounds like he came straight out of an HBO show. … The guy gave me absolutely no reaction. He just stared.”

And when he shared been that he hadn’t accepted into the acclaimed New York City program, his TikTok fans seemed to take it harder than he did. They’ve been flooding the school’s Instagram comments, urging the iconic institution to accept him.

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