Thimmarusu: Assignment Vali Movie Review: This crime-drama thrills, but only in parts

Story: After a cab driver is found dead, a young pub employee is framed for the murder and is sent to jail for 8 years. When he comes out on parole, a young lawyer takes up the case to prove his innocence.

Review: Telugu movies are back in theatres once again. And first up is Satadev’s Thimmarusu. A remake of Kannada thriller Birbal Trilogy Case 1: Finding Vajramuni, this investigative crime drama stays largely true to the original and impresses in parts. While there is suspense and intrigue as the film progresses, a contrived screenplay makes it frustrating at times.

Aravind, a cab driver and a police informer is killed in a gruesome murder. Vasu (Ankith), a young pub employee finds the body of the cab driver while returning home from work and immediately alerts the police. To investigate the scene, police officer Bhupati Raju (Ajay) walks in and with the help of lawyer Varaha Murthy (Ravi Babu), frames Vasu for the murder. When Vasu comes out on parole after spending eight years in prison, Ram Chandra (Satya Dev), an upcoming lawyer, decides to take up his case. How he investigates the murder while dealing with this case and tries to unearth real culprit forms the crux of the story.

The director, Sharan Koppisetty, tries to build intrigue and suspense and there are some edge-of-the seat moments. Apart from a few minor modifications, the director sticks to the original script and the film largely works. The interval bang is one of the best scenes in the film as it keeps the audience hooked and sets you up nicely for the second half. So is the pre-climax reveal that shows Ram Chandra’s true connection to the case.

The investigative parts of the film, however, are half-baked and unrealistic. The lack of pace in the screenplay is a deterrent and the way some of it is shown is highly exaggerated. There is an attempt to simplifying everything to the audience by stating the obvious at times, which makes it a tedious watch. The climax, too, is weak and hurried. There’s a love track in there, with Priyanka Jawalkar which felt out of place and almost irrelevant. Satyadev though has shown his versatility as an actor once again and delivers a solid performance. Ankith, who played the innocent young man is the stand-out performer in the film and does a great job.

At the core of it, Thimmarusu is an earnest attempt and thrills in most parts, but is otherwise let down by a contrived screenplay and a hurried climax.


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