The juiciest reveals from the new ‘Love is Blind’ episodes

Love is in the air … or not.

“Love is Blind” is back for an explosive reunion that promises to bring the drama with three new episodes on Netflix, catching up with the cast two years after some couples said “I Do” and others said “Hell No.” 

The aptly titled “Love is Blind: After The Altar” brings the cast back together for a boozy anniversary party in celebration of the two couples that actually made it down the wedding aisle: Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton, and Amber Pike and Matt Barnett. 

“Love is Blind” debuted in February of 2020 and followed singles as they talked in futuristic pods without seeing each other — and then sped through 10-day engagements. It ended with three couples breaking up at the altar (Damian and Giannina, Kenny and Kelly, and Mark and Jessica) while the Hamiltons and the Barnetts tied the knot.

Warning: Spoilers ahead — here are the juiciest dramatic moments from “After the Altar.”

"Love is Blind: After the Altar"
Carlton (top left), Amber, Diamond, and LC (top right), Cameron and Lauren Hamilton (center left), Damian Powers (center right), Barnett and Amber (bottom left,), Jessica and Giannina (bottom right).

Is Mark a F–k Boy?

Mark Cuevas seemed like a sweetheart on “Love is Blind.” The big-hearted 24-year-old who loved his mom and threw his all into his relationship with Jessica, 34, — despite her cold feet, her reservations about their age difference, and her continued interest in Barnett. Their relationship on “Love is Blind,” ended with Jessica ditching Mark at the altar.

Mark is not in the new episodes, since he’s busy being a new dad (with his fiancée Aubrey Rainey, who was not on the show). However, both Jessica and LC (who were in the first couple episodes but didn’t make it to the engagement phase) cast doubt on Mark’s character. 

Jessica alleges that Mark went to meet another girl for “six hours” during the time that they were still engaged — implying that he cheated on her. LC also reveals that she was seeing Mark after the show ended, and she thought they had an understanding that they were exclusive until she saw photos of him on social media looking cozy with Aubrey Rainey. She calls him a “f–k boy.” So, was Mark’s nice-guy demeanor an act?

When Amber talked to The Post, she said, “First of all, as someone who was also filming, he had no time to [cheat on Jessica]. Jessica was using Mark like a f—king yo-yo, one day telling him it was never going to work and the next day being all over him. He was confused and struggling and confiding in one of his friends during this time…that’s not cheating,” she said. “That is Jessica pushing someone away and trying to make them look bad because she got called out.”

Jessica: evil or really evil?

If Mark is not as nice as he seemed on “Love Is Blind,” does that mean the show’s villain Jessica, who seemingly ditched poor Mark and tried to meddle in Amber and Barnett’s relationship, is not so scheming? 

Not so fast.

When asked if she felt Jessica got an unfair “villain” edit in “Love is Blind,” Lauren Speed Hamilton told The Post, “It’s hard to edit in something that’s not there. I feel like whenever you’re on reality TV, you have a responsibility to yourself to be sure that you’re placing yourself in the right light as best you can – so that when the show gets edited, they don’t have a lot to add in.”

Francesca Farago, left, Damian Powers, center, and Giannina Milady Gibelli, right, have a tense encounter in "Love is Blind: After the Altar"
Francesca Farago, left, Damian Powers, center, and Giannina Milady Gibelli, right, have a tense encounter.

Carlton has a hissy fit…. again, blows up at Lauren 

Carlton was once engaged to Diamond but their relationship fell apart halfway through the show, while the lovebirds went on their resort vacation. Carlton, who is bisexual, hadn’t told Diamond this. When he came out to her, she was taken aback and asked if he would still need to date men. That was a bad reaction from Diamond. However, Carlton also didn’t give her time to take in his reveal before he called her a “b–ch,” instigating their break-up. So, both of them were in the wrong. 

In the new episodes, Lauren meets with Carlton in a restaurant and they discuss how he’s still not over his experience on “Love is Blind.” Lauren validates Carlton’s feelings and says about Diamond, “Put yourself in her shoes…. she’s receiving a lot of information. I think the main thing was she wanted you to tell her sooner. I’m just trying to understand perspective.”

Instead of saying, “That sounds reasonable, thanks for the advice!” Carlton blows up at Lauren, the most mild-mannered person on the show. After accusing her of making him “look stupid,” he storms away, saying “f—k it.”

Damian is in a ‘Too Hot To Handle’ love triangle

Damian and Giannina had a volatile relationship. At one point on she told him, “You know how you told me this is the best sex of your life? Have you noticed that I don’t return the compliment?”

At the end of the show, Damian jilted Giannina at the altar and she fled the scene. The new episodes reveal that they’re still together two years later (not married), but their relationship isn’t any less dysfunctional.

At Hamilton and Barnett’s joint anniversary party, Damian shows up with Francesca Farago from ‘Too Hot To Handle’ as his date.

Onscreen, every “Love is Blind” cast member is shocked. “Does she know she’s on the wrong Netflix show?” Diamond quips, while Lauren says, “Damian knew what he was doing, by bringing that girl to the party. If I was Gigi, I would feel some type of way.”

Sure enough, Giannina isn’t having it. “I’m hurt about this entire situation,” she says, questioning. She questions Francesca about Damian’s assertion that he and Francesca are “just friends” and tells her, “You’re messing with the wrong b—ch.”

Francesca Farago from "Too Hot to Handle" makes her entrance as Damian's date to the party on "Love is Blind: After the Altar"
Francesca Farago from “Too Hot to Handle” makes her entrance as Damian’s date to the party.

Later, Francesca scolds Damian that he should have been “more honest” if he and Giannina were “still together.” Thia implies that he might have lied when he asserted that Francesca is “just a friend.”

Instead of owning his behavior about potentially two-timing both girls, when Francesca says, “I don’t think I deserved to be invited here to be spoken to like that,” referring to her tense encounter with Giannina, Damian blames Giannina for it. “That’s on Gigi,” he says. “Not on me.”

“That was weird!” Amber told The Post, referring to Damian bringing Francesca to the party. “I wasn’t sure what the dynamic was between anybody. I don’t even think [Damian and Giannina] knew what was going on, honestly.”

“Love is Blind: After the Altar” is streaming now on Netflix.


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