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Several actors and influencers have been extending their support to help Covid-19 patients. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, Tahir Raj Bhasin opens up about working in the new normal, new filmmaking and viewing process, and more. Excerpts…

Will the pandemic completely change the filmmaking process and the way we view cinema?
The pandemic will accelerate the process of the audience experimenting with new outlets for consuming content. In the long term, OTT and theatres will coexist, where a digital platform will act as an archive of your favorite films once they’ve had their run in the cinema. One of the most positive outcomes of OTT has been a greater respect for good stories and writers. Digital platforms are all about engagement and the audience is now attuned to what they consider good quality stories.

How much has the process of shooting changed in the new normal?
The new normal demands that film crews prioritise health and safety. Masks, sanitisers, and face shields have become the standard set wear, and while they are challenging to endure during the summer, at this point it is all for one and one for all. There are times when there has been an anxious work environment on the sets given the news you scroll through on your feed, but at the same time, one needs to remind themselves that entertainment is an industry and film sets provide employment to thousands of families. Post the lockdown, the new normal will require prioritising safety gear, tests, and vaccines.

Is there any message that you would like to send out to your fans?It has been heartbreaking to see how the country has been suffering over the past few weeks. As and when a slot opens up for you, please do get vaccinated. The fight against Covid-19 can be won if each one of us does our bit.

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