Stevie Nicks says she ‘saved’ herself from addiction: ‘I survived my cocaine’

Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll is a mantra Stevie Nicks used to live by — like many other musicians in the industry — but no longer.

The iconic singer opened up to Tim McGraw on his Apple Music Country show “Beyond the Influence Radio” on Wednesday about how she “saved” herself from her addiction issues.

Nicks, 73, said if she were to ever share her life story with fans, the Fleetwood Mac frontwoman would like to avoid sharing her experiences with drugs.

“I managed to save myself. I got through some pretty scary moments, but I saved me, nobody else saved me,” she told the country singer. “I survived me. I survived my cocaine. I survived by myself.”

“I checked myself into rehab. Nobody did that for me. I did it and that’s like with my whole life,” she continued. “So I would dance over those parts just to give the wisdom out to people.”

Nicks added that the concept of publishing her life story has taken her years to think about. If she ever did, she added, it would need to be chopped up into four different books.

“I think that what I would do first, and only lately have I thought this, I might sit down at some point across the kitchen table with some of my girlfriends who have been there for a lot of it and put on a tape recorder and just start talking from the very beginning,” she said.

Nicks hopes to share her life story with fans one day.
Nicks hopes to share her life story with fans one day.
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In 1981, Nicks embarked on a solo career after joining Fleetwood Mac in 1975. “Fleetwood Mac was my team,” she explained to McGraw. “I had them and I felt safe. So I felt like, ‘I’m not trying to break up this band, I’m just trying to actually keep this band together.’ Because what’s going to keep this band together is me being able to make the odd solo album here and there when you guys are doing other things.”

Back in October, the “Edge of Seventeen” crooner told the Associated Press that the pandemic forced her to be homebound when she prefers to be singing live on the road.

“This pandemic is more than just a pandemic for me. This is stealing what I consider to be my last youthful years,” Nicks told the AP. “I don’t have just 10 years to hang around and wait for this thing to go away. I have places to go, people to sing for, another album to make. With every day that goes by, it’s like taking this time away from me. That I think is the hardest thing for me.”

“I have a lot of friends that are 60 and they’re going, ‘Oh I’m so old, I’m 60.’ I’m like, ‘You know what, the violins of the world are playing for you. You’re going to really appreciate 60 when you turn 72,’” she continued at the time. “I don’t feel like the whole world is really getting behind getting this to go away. I feel like people are just thinking it really is just magically going away. All it takes is a few people that don’t wear a mask to spread. Just let one person catch it from you and there it goes — it’s like the never-ending story. That worries me because I’m going, ‘Will it really be gone by the end of 2021?’”


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