‘South Park’ icon Casa Bonita not for sale, owners confirm

Casa Bonita, a Mexican restaurant made famous by the television show “South Park,” will not be sold to the show’s creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

The restaurant’s parent company Summit Family Restaurant Inc., tells TMZ they have no plans to sell despite filing for bankruptcy in April. The restaurant — which can seat more than 1,000 people — has been closed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Originally begun as a chain, Casa Bonita maintains one remaining location in Lakewood, Colorado — which the city designated as a historic landmark in 2015.

Parker and Stone have said in the past they would be keen to purchase the place if it ever became available and Summit told the website they would be at the top of the buyer’s list should plans change.

The restaurant has achieved cult-like status among die-hard “South Park” fans for its frequent references in the show.

Casa bonita in Colorado
The restaurant has been closed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.
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A 2003 episode called “Casa Bonita” exclusively focused on the eatery and a scheme by show antagonist Eric Cartman to secure an invite to a dinner there by tricking a different attendee into thinking the world had ended.


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