SNL: Zach Braff Pitches Himself As Georgia Democratic Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff, Fans React

SNL: Zach Braff Wants To Play Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff, Here’s How Fans Reacted
Zach Braff Puts In A Word To Play Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff On SNL & Fans Are Super Excited! (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

As the results of the ongoing Georgia runoff election continues to come in, everyone is waiting to see which party will control the Senate. With the Democrats in the lead, many have been talking about it on social media. In fact, ‘Scrubs’ star, Zach Braff has thrown in his hat to play one of the two new Democrats in the sketch comedy show, Saturday Night Live (SNL).

He took to Twitter and shared his desire to play Jon Ossoff. His followers were quick to take note and even suggested who should be the other Democrat. Scroll down to know who they want.

Tagging SNL in his tweet, Zach Braff shared a GIF of the Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff with the caption “Our health is on the line.” He tweet read, “Lorne. I got this.” As of filing the article, his tweet garnered 1.4K retweets, 380+ comments and over 26K likes.

Commenting on Zack Braff’s tweet one user wrote, “Bruh. He’s 12 years your junior.” To which the ‘Scrubs’ star replied with “Shhhhhhh.” Okay no talking about the age difference.

Another follower of Zack took to the comments and requested to bring Braff’s ‘Scrubs’ Donald Faison on board as the state’s other Democratic candidate, Rev. Raphael Warnock. The user wrote, “Get Donald Faison to play Warnock” As the thread continued, one Twitterati commented, “Don’t toy with me. If this doesn’t happen I will be heartbroken.” Another wrote, “I love their friendship!”

Another follower of Zack wasn’t onboard his idea. In fact, he had another suggestion for who should play the Democrat. This user wrote, “Dude, I think you’re awesome and I celebrate your entire catalog, but I gotta got with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on this one.”

Check out some more responses to his tweet here:

What do you think, should Zach Braff play the Georgia Democratic Jon Ossoff on SNL?

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