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The pandemic that struck last year, continues to change the course of lives in more ways than we can imagine. While these times of distress brought out the worst in some people, it has also brought out the best of others. Like singer Shilpa Rao, who recently tweeted that she was emptying her wardrobe and donating clothes to the needy. ETimes got in touch with the songstress to know more about her philanthropic act. Read on…

You recently tweeted about donating your clothes to the needy. What prompted the act?
Owing to the pandemic, we are not going out much, so we are repeating clothes by wearing what we are comfortable with at home. A lot of our clothes are just sitting in the wardrobe. There are so many out there who do not have the privilege that we have. So I thought it’s nice to be able to balance that out. That is the reason I am donating it.

Have you been getting any responses since you tweeted?
Yes, there are a lot of messages in my inbox. I am just going through it and I am very happy with people sending their responses and their contacts. It’s lovely.

What other things have you learned or realised during the pandemic?
Well, this is something I realised many years ago when I went to Japan for a 15-day trip. The Japanese believe in minimalism and not just as a form of living, but as a mindset too. When I came back from there, I remembered I had a lot of artwork which was given to my friends because they like it. If you see my house, the whole living room has just two couches and the coffee table has one table at the end. I don’t have much because we don’t need so much to live and COVID has made us realise that even more. That is why I think the only thing that you need to do is to live in your own mind and heart. You need your own talent and hard work to do things. When I thought about it, I just ended up putting out everything that I wanted to donate. So, I hope now the clothes are going to children who will need them, more than I did.

Music is more than just entertainment. Do you agree?
Yes, music and art have existed in society for ages to give hope to people, to make our society better, to question society, people, ourselves. When art and music do that, society becomes a better place, and we have seen since the last year that people have been so out that music has come to their rescue and it has made them feel better. So, music does serve a bigger purpose than just entertaining.


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