Shakti Kapoor: Shraddha will decide on her life partner when the time comes, she is my golden girl and I am proud of her – Eagles Vine

While Shakti Kapoor, like most doting fathers, would be keen to see daughter Shraddha Kapoor settle down soon, he denies that the actress is planning to get married this year. There are rumours about Shraddha tying the knot with photographer Rohan Shrestha soon, but Kapoor denies it. He says, “Rohan is a family friend, I have known his father for many, many years. Rohan visits us often, but he has not asked for Shraddha’s hand in marriage. And besides, today children decide these things on their own. If Shraddha tells me that she has chosen a life partner for herself or even if Siddhant does, I will readily agree. Why will I refuse? But at this point, they are focused on their careers. Marriage is an important decision and the way people are breaking up, it bothers me sometimes. One has to be sure before making a decision like that.”

Talking about their careers, he says, “I have never stopped Shraddha or Siddhanth (son) from following their dreams. Many people ask me if I stopped Shraddha from becoming an actress, but that is not true. I want her to shine and do well – she is such a hard-working and talented girl. I call her my ‘golden girl’. She has made it on her own in Bollywood. Siddhanth’s film Chehre with Amitabh Bachchan and Emraan Hashmi has just released and the critics have given him a thumbs up. So, I am happy for both my kids, who are doing well in their careers. I am so proud of them.”

Ask him if his children are getting interesting scripts like he did in the 80s and 90s and he says, “My time was different. Content has changed drastically over the years. So, one can’t compare the two timelines. When I started off in films, there were different roles etched out for a comedian, a vamp, a villain and the leads. Today, a hero could be the villain, the heroine can be doing an item number and the villain sometimes turns out to be the good guy in the end (smiles). So, the lines are blurring. I am happy that both my kids are choosing different subject-oriented films.”


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