Shakira Trends On Twitter As Her Named Gets Linked With Prostitution, Fans Roar #RespectShakira

On The Occasion Of International Women’s Day, Fans Trend #RespectShakira Owing To Derogatory & Sexual Comments Targetted At Shakira
Fans Come Of In Support Of Shakira; Trends #RespectShakira On Social Media (PC:
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It’s International Women’s Day today, and it hurts to bring you the news with the hashtag #RespectShakira. Over her career, which spans more than 3 decades, Shakira has given us some amazing music, but today she is trending on social media as fans of the French football giants, Paris Saint-Germain, were spotted with a banner stating she was a prostitute.

Shakira has been with Gerard Piqué, the defender of the Barcelona Football Club, for over 11 years now and shared two children. But unfortunately, every time the footballer fails or his team loses a game, Shakira receives backlash on social media. This includes attacks that are s*xual and denigrating in nature.

As Pique’s team is all set to take on the French giants Paris Saint-Germain at the Champions League in Paris this week, images started circulating on social media showing fans setting off flares and displaying banners near the club’s Parc des Princes home. One of the banners read as ‘Shakira at La Jonquera.’ This refers to a town on Spain’s Catalan border with France, which is well known for its prostitution.

The derogatory images soon spread across Twitter. Many fans came out in support of Shakira. Reacting to the same, one user wrote, “Shakira llegó a ser la Latina más relevante de la historia por sus méritos, superando la xenofobia y el racismo del mundo. Dan asco 🤢estos fanaticos misóginos del fútbol degradándola como ser humano con sus comentarios sexistas #RespectShakira” (Shakira became the most relevant Latina in history due to her merits, overcoming xenophobia and racism in the world. They disgust these misogynistic soccer fans by degrading her as a human being with their sexist comments)

Another fan of the Waka Waka singer took to Twitter and wrote, “For the fact of being a cricket player’s wife, Anushka is slut-shamed for the result of Virat kohli’s match !! Regardless of the results, Shakira has to face misogynist and sexist comments just cos she’s in a relationship with Piquè!! (1) #RespectShakira #RespectWomen”

A French-speaking fan of Shakira also using the hashtag tweeted, “Imagine t’es une grosse raclure au point de t’en prendre à une femme de joueur #RespectShakira” (Imagine being a big scum to the point of attacking a player’s wife #RespectShakira)

What do you think about these tweets about Shakira? Let us know in the comments.

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