Shakeela: Richa Chadha Starrer To Open In 5 Languages Having The Widest Release Of 2020 Post Lockdown

Shakeela: Richa Chadha Starrer To Have The Widest Release Of 2020 Post Lockdown
Shakeela: Richa Chadha Starrer To Have The Widest Release Of 2020 Post Lockdown

When it comes to India, a local film could prove to be a crowd-puller. Keeping that in mind, the makers of Richa Chadha’s Shakeela have decided to reach the film far and wide. Becoming the first film post lockdown to release in close to 1000 screens, the film will open in five languages – Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

Headlined by Richa Chadha, the film stars Pankaj Tripathi and is directed by Indrajit Lankesh. The team is eyeing a Christmas release for the movie. Invariably, making this the biggest release for a film post lockdown, the trade has welcomed the film with open arms.

At a time when most major studios are afraid to reveal their slate or announce their dates, Shakeela is taking a leap of faith to bring the audience back to the theatres. Vouching their support to save cinemas, Shakeela is a film that promises to be bang for the buck.

Talking about it, director Inderjit Lankesh says, “Shakeela is truly a labour of love and commitment to show Shakeela’s story which is iconic is so many ways. Her story is almost folklore today, but the truth is that so much happened to her while she soared to success from nothing and then came back to nothing again.”

“I’m happy that our producers are releasing the film so widely, gives me the confidence to know that it’s a film that will appeal to the larger masses. To release in so many languages was important because that was the power of Shakeela,” concludes Inderjit.

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