Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Filmmaker Fan’ Who Camped Outside Mannat Says He’s Going To Stay Until He Gets The Star To Sign His Film

A Freelance Filmmaker Camping Outside Mannat To Get Shah Rukh Khan To Sign His Film
Filmmaker Camping Outside Mannat To Get Shah Rukh Khan To Sign His Film(Pic credit – Shah Rukh Khan/ Instagram; Humans of Bombay/ Facebook )

Many of us may have taken a New Year resolution as we stepped in 2021 but a Bengaluru-based freelance filmmaker, Jayanth Seege, took a unique resolution and he is hell-bent on fulfilling it. His resolution is to sign a film with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

The Bengaluru-based freelance filmmaker has been camping outside Mannat for days now. And he plans to do it till he gets to see King Khan and pitch his story to him. His mission to meet SRK has taken on the name of ‘Project X’. Read on to know more.

Jayanth Seege during an interview with Humans of Bombay said, “In August when I came across Shah Rukh Khan’s interview where he said that he hadn’t signed any new movies since Zero, I literally went bonkers. I was like, ‘What if I get SRK to act in my movie?’ So, I created a movie poster overnight and tweeted it, tagging SRK.”

As expected nothing happened. However, the filmmaker seems to be determined and so decided to change his strategy. He immediately flew down to Mumbai from Bengaluru in December so that he can narrate the script face to face. Since then, the filmmaker has been standing outside Shah Rukh Khan’s house every day from sunrise to midnight. Interestingly, even the security guards of Mannat have gotten friendly with him now.

“Eventually, I realised I had to do something atrociously magnanimous like he does in his movies. Here I am. And I’m going to stay put until he signs my movie,” Jayanth Seege said.

In addition, Jayanth has been sharing updates on Twitter while camping outside Shah Rukh Khan’s Mannat since December 31. His most recent update is from January 3 where he thanked everyone who posted on his behalf.

So how far would you go to fulfil your New year resolution like Jayanth Seege? Let us know in the comments.

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