Shah Rukh Khan Does Not Let Aryan Khan Roam Without A Shirt In The House & The Reason Will Make You Fall In Love With Him A Little More

Here's Why Shah Rukh Khan Does Not Let Aryan Khan Roam Without A Shirt In The House
Aryan Khan Is Not Allowed To Roam In The House Without A Shirt Reveals Shah Rukh Khan(Pic Credit : Instagram/iamsrk, ___aryan___)

Shah Rukh has three children–sons Aryan Khan and AbRam Khan and daughter Suhana Khan. He married designer Gauri Khan in 1991 after a six-year courtship.

Shah Rukh Khan is a brilliant actor, and we all know that. But, along with being a good actor, he is a daunting father and loves to imbibe good teachings in his three children. He is a man of principles and wants his kids to follow that too. One of his teachings includes telling his son Aryan Khan to never roam around in the house without a shirt.

Yes! You heard that right. SRK wants to highlight the importance of equality amongst his children adding that his sons will have no extra privileges over girls. On several occasions, the Baadshah of Bollywood opened up on how a man shouldn’t be without a shirt in front of his female family members and friends.

In an interview given to Femina in 2017, Shah Rukh had said, “I believe that a man in his house doesn’t have the right to go shirtless in front of his mother, sister or women friends. I tell Aryan to put on a T-shirt all the time.”

“If you’d feel uncomfortable seeing your mother, daughter, sister, women friends without their clothes on, why would you expect them to accept you shirtless? It’s got nothing to do with having breasts or not—don’t do something a girl can’t do,” Shah Rukh Khan had added.

SRK is a man of chivalry and great conduct, and we have always seen him behave like a gentleman with women.

As they say, good practice begins from your own house; we think this is the best way to bring a change in society. Shah Rukh Khan has always said that the road to a woman’s heart is built with respect and more respect. Who wouldn’t love a man like this?

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