Ruth Langsford: This Morning star hits out at ‘accusers’ as home life post sparks backlash

“It gets recycled regardless anyway, whether it’s in the skip or your recycling,” a third person pointed out.

Elsewhere, Ruth and her other half Eamonn have been hosting This Morning on Fridays together for over a decade.

However, Eamonn recently admitted she originally wasn’t keen on the idea.

Eamonn divulged the surprising fact while speaking to Nicki Chapman on Talking Success podcast: “She’s worked at This Morning longer than any other presenter has and then a couple of years into her presenting, they phoned me and said ‘Would you like to do this?’ and Ruth said no, she wouldn’t like to do this, she didn’t think it was a good idea.

“So she’s never been keen on us working together ever, so I think we work… I mean people are very nice when we work together but, I think we both prefer to work apart.”


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