Robin Wright: Twitter bullying inspired new film ‘Land’

Robin Wright needed an escape from newfound horrors plaguing society, so she found herself directing a new movie about human kindness.

“I wanted to make a movie at that time because there was so much pain in our country. … Just the ugliness that was going on in the world with, you know, the explosion of Twitter,” 54-year-old Wright said during a Sundance Film Festival Cinema Café talk on Sunday with Rebecca Hall.

“Everybody was a judge and there was so much bullying going on. I thought about the effect that had on children, and how that’s changing, psychologically, our cellular makeup. All this darkness and meanness.”

Wright ended up directing “Land,” which tells the story of Edee (also played by Wright) who goes off the grid in nature to deal with her grief after a tragedy and realizes she needs other people for support.

“You need human connection and kindness to pull you through adversity,” the former “House of Cards” star explained.

When Wright wasn’t busy starring in and directing her new movie, which will be released on Feb. 12, she passed the time during the pandemic watching old movies on Criterion Channel.

“Land” premieres at Sundance on Sunday.


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