Reputation is ‘purest treasure’ says Mumbai Court, grants interim relief to Actor Salman Khan – Eagles Vine

Mumbai: “Reputation and honour are no less precious to good men than bodily safety and freedom,’’ said City Civil Court Judge C V Marathe on Wednesday temporarily restraining an actor and film critic from making any statements, videos, posts or reposting and republishing any defamatory content against Bollywood actor Salman Khan, his family and or director and shareholders of Salman Khan Ventures, a production company.

The actor had filed an application to restrain K R Khan and nine others from making any defamatory posts or publications including about his film ‘Radhe’. The actor’s counsel Pradeep Gandhy submitted that the posts were defamatory adding that while there is no restriction on commenting on a film or the performance of the cast, but “personal allegations against Salman Khan are baseless’’.

The film critic’s counsel Manoj Gadkari said the court order, “vehemently argues that the plaintiff (Salman Khan) being a public figure should be open to criticism and the defendant no 1 had merely expressed his opinion about ‘Radhe movie’…’’ He pointed to the right of freedom of speech guaranteed under the Indian Constitution to the critic and said the actor’s “present suit is nothing but an action to terrorize people.’’

The Judge in an interim order partly allowed the actor’s plea. The Judge said, “A person is identified by his name. His name may have no value t o society but would be precious to the person concerned. A good name is better than great riches…Reputation is not only a salt of life but the purest treasure and the most precious perfume of life.’’

The order said that the actor made out a prima facie case for ad-interim relief, said the court.


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