Ralf Little addresses Death In Paradise series 10 epic U-turn: ‘Guess he changed his mind’

He explained: “Leaving a show is always emotional, and then you have to hang around the set like a ghost while people avoid catching your eye. Watching the episode at home, though, was weird and disturbing.

“It’s not pleasant to watch yourself being killed and lying dead on the ground.

“The image of me, caked in grey make-up with blue lips, blood dripping from my wounds, will forever be scorched on my mind.”

Miller was originally replaced by Kris Marshall (DI Humphrey Goodman), who starred for four seasons until Ardal O’Hanlon (DI Jack Mooney) took over, before handing the reigns over to Little’s DI Parker.

Death in Paradise season 10 is likely to screen on BBC One early in the New Year.


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