Rakhi Sawant Faces A Wardrobe Malfunction With Her Blouse, Says “Hum Log Ko Ekdum Tight Dori Vori Dena Chahiye”

Rakhi Sawant Suffers From Wardrobe Malfunction, Says “Hum Log Ko Ekdum Tight Dori Vori Dena Chahiye”
Rakhi Sawant On Wardrobe Malfunction: “Phir Log Humko Bolte Hain Hum Controversy Karte Hain”(Pic Credit: Facebook/Rakhi Sawant)

Rakhi Sawant, who brought some much-needed cheer, laughter and drama to the Bigg Boss 14 house, is regarded as a controversial child. The item girl recently suffered a wardrobe malfunction moments before shooting a dance sequence for a Holi special event a few days ago. The reality star was thoroughly unhappy with the experience.

In a video now going viral on social media, Rakhi spoke about how even before she could go in front of the cameras, the ‘dori’ of her blouse broke. Adding that people think it’s the artist’s fault, she asks for more sturdy attires. Below is all she says.

Rakhi Sawant said, “Abhi toh ek jhatka bhi nahi maara dekho mera blouse phat gaya. Yeh dekho kaisa dori banaya hai. Abhi safety pin pe kaam chalaun. Dance mein kaise karun? Safety pin pe. What do I do? Mein artist hun na. Apko samajh mein aana chahiya na. Stage pe jaate hain toh aise you know…hum log ko tight ekdum dori vori dena chahiye na. (I haven’t danced even and my blouse has come undone. See the strings, we are using safety pins now. How will I dance? I’m an artist, tou should understand that. We are going on stage to perform, at least try and give us clothes with strong ties.)”

Rakhi Sawant further adds, “Phir log humko bolte hain hum controversy karte hain. Hum blouse apna todwayenge kya batao? Kaisa hota hai hum artists ke saath. Abhi ek jhatka bhi nahi maara hai ki blouse ki dori toot gayi. Where should I go? Mera pura unit dekho wahan wait kar raha hai. This is tragedy of artist. (Then people say we create controversies. We will tear our blouse/have a wardronbe malfunction? See what happens to us. With a singlemove the ties have com e undone, where shre should I go? My entire crew is waiting and this is the tragedy that happens.)”

Check out the video here:

What are your thoughts on such wardrobe malfunctions? Are artists to be blamed or the costume department? Let us know in the comments.

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