Queen Elizabeth’s Account Shared an Odd Tweet & Here’s What it Said Before it Got Deleted

A royal oopsie. Queen Elizabeth’s “thanks” tweet left followers of the royal family’s official Twitter account scratching their heads on Thursday, December 10. The profile tweeted out the single word, “Thanks,” with absolutely no context and left it up for about six minutes before someone on the palace’s social media team caught and deleted the accidental tweet. But they didn’t act fast enough: Gert’s Royals captured a screenshot, and social media users had thoughts.

The random tweet happened to gather 1,260 likes, 561 retweets, and 355 quote tweets in under 10 minutes before it was wiped off the social media platform for good. Social media users also flooded in with cheeky replies, with one commenter writing, “Well it’s about time I got some recognition!” according to The Daily Mail. Another tweet read, “You’re welcome Liz, and I’ve kept the receipt in case you want to change it kid, OK?” Ha!

This isn’t the first time the British royal family has had a social media snafu. In May 2019, the official Buckingham Palace account made a pretty awkward misfire when they accidentally misspelled one royal family member’s name. “Princess Eugene [sic] speaks to a group of young people about how they achieved their Gold Award,” the mistaken tweet read, referring to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s daughter, Princess Eugenie. That mistake was caught, deleted, and retweeted with a correction shortly after, too. But some of the errors made by the British royal family’s Twitter account haven’t always been so innocuous.

According to The Daily Mail, the royal family’s official Twitter account once liked a tweet criticizing Meghan Markle’s haters. “These anti-#MeghanMarkle trolls are all the same: they pine for ‘the good old days,’” the tweet, dated October 13, 2019, began. “She was genius to title her Vogue issue ‘Forces for Change.’ We are witnessing a seismic shift in power and culture, and her haters are furious and terrified. Oh well. Get used to it,” the Twitter user added. The tweet came amid Meghan and Harry’s tour to South Africa and the release of their revealing ITV documentary, Harry & Meghan: An African Journey. While the royal family’s Twitter account liked and later unliked the tweet, followers were surprised to see someone on their social media team aligning themselves against Meghan’s bullies.

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