Prince William still misses Prince Harry a year after Megxit, report says

Prince William still sorely misses his brother, Prince Harry, a year after Megxit, according a new profile of Britain’s heir-to-the-heir-to-the-throne.

“Once he got over the anger of how things happened, he was left with the absence of his brother,” an aide tells the UK’s Sunday Times.

“They shared everything about their lives, an office, a foundation, meetings together most days and there was a lot of fun along the way,” added the aide, who was not named.

“He’ll miss it for ever.”

With Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle decamped for California and renouncing the royal life, Prince William feels he is forever doomed to face the future as Britain’s next-to-next king without his brother by his side, pals to the Duke told the Times.

Prince William “definitely feels the pressure now it’s all on him — his future looks different because of his brother’s choices, it’s not easy.” one friend told the paper.

“It’s still raw,” agreed another friend, who also declined to be named.

“He’s very upset by what’s happened, though absolutely intent that he and Harry’s relationship will heal in time.”

Prince Harry, too, bemoaned the falling out.

“I love William to bits,” he said last week. “We’ve been through hell together and we have a shared experience, but we are on different paths.”

The brothers will have multiple chances to see each other in person this summer, the Times profile noted.

The Duke of Edinburgh will turn 100 in June; a statue of Princess Diana will be unveiled in July at Kensington Palace, marking what would have been her 60th birthday, the paper said.


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