Piers Morgan wants Dan Walker to ‘make his tea’ amid rumoured move to BBC Breakfast

Upon hearing Louise’s big news, Piers joked that he would be starting with Dan on Monday morning, which led some to wonder whether he could actually be being considered.

Sharing an article to Twitter that reflected those sentiments, Piers jokingly stated he wanted Dan, his long-term TV nemesis, to make his tea if he were to join the broadcaster as their latest journalist.

“Definitely,” he began.

“If the BBC doesn’t mind smashing its pay structure & @mrdanwalker is ordered to make my tea.”

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The pair have been involved in a lengthy slanging match online for some time, with each throwing insults at one another with the upmost disgust – all in jest, of course.

Following Piers’ tweet, Dan responded by taking a jibe at the outspoke presenter’s hatred of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the sole reason he walked away form the ITV flagship programme in the first place.

“There is more chance of Prince Harry getting the gig…” Dan sneered, playfully.

“And you’d be making the brews #MilkNoSugarPlease.”

“Stop blubbing Dan – I start Monday,” he retorted.

“BBC wanted the guy who beat you in the ratings, and the first same-sex male breakfast presenting team to appease the wokies.”

But the proposition was a definite no from Dan, who responded with a savage reply.

“No thanks… wouldn’t want you storming off if Carol [Kirkwood – BBC weather presenter] asked you something awkward. #TearsForPiers,” he laughed back, referring to when he walked out during a heated discussion with Alex Beresford on what turned out to be his final show on Good Morning Britain back in March.

And while Piers seems to be in high demand for Andrew Neil’s GB News and Rupert Murdoch’s upcoming “opinionated” News UK TV and Fox News, it would appear BBC Breakfast is a no go for the outspoken host.

Dan referred to Louise’s departure as a “break-up”, as he wished his colleague well.

“What am I going to do without Louise?” he penned on social media.

“Thank you for all the lovely messages after an emotional morning on #BBCBreakfast – I’m sure Louise will get to read them all later.

“My life will be poorer without her on the sofa. She’s the best.”


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