Piers Morgan installs panic button in his home after death threats

She wrote: “My husband had contacted them after receiving death threats on Twitter and Instagram the previous weekend.

“Beneath a photo of Piers and his son strolling through Holland Park, one charming soul had written: ‘@PiersMorgan your a marked man, calling the police, big tech or beefing up your security isn’t going to stop us getting to you, this isn’t a threat Piers it’s a promise, your getting killed.’ [sic]”

Celia continued: “This was followed up by a comment on my stepson’s account: ‘Watch your back @Spencermorgan if you don’t get your dad, you’re getting it or your mum is.'”

Despite Piers’ wife saying that he has the “water- (and hate-) repelling capacity of 1,000 ducks’ backs”, Celia labelled the online abuse as “criminal”.


Daily Express

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