People are using perfume as hair dye to disastrous effect on TikTok

Thought styling one’s hair with Gorilla Glue was a bad idea? TikTok cosmeticians are now dyeing their locks with perfume and straighteners in a trend experts have dubbed dumb and dangerous.

The hairbrained beauty hack first caught fire after TikTok influencer Agbe filmed herself applying perfume to a straightener in a clip with 1.2 million views. She then ran her hair through it, whereupon it changed color from blue to hot pink.

However, eagle-eyed viewers quickly noticed that her instant-Billie Eilishization was actually a figment of the imagination.

Indeed, the clip cuts between Agbe spraying the perfume onto the straighteners and applying them to her curls, suggesting that the freelance stylist didn’t actually baste her mane with cologne. Meanwhile, one commenter observed that “the straightener wasn’t plugged in” and that it was coated with “pink powder” that she likely really used to color her hair.

Nonetheless, the “DIY dye job” was replicated for real by scores of gullible TikTokers.

The original perfume dye tutorial, by Agbe, is actually fake.

In one clip with over 7.8 million views, a partaker can be seen spraying the perfume directly onto the piping hot styler and then running her hair through it with absolutely no change whatsoever.

The faux-cedure isn’t merely ineffective. Perfuming one’s plume “will inevitably cause damage and could lead to hair loss if it’s already in a fragile state,” Nicole Petty, a hair care expert at hair extension company Milk + Blush, told My Imperfect Life.

Not only that, but coating flammable hair straighteners — which can heat up to nearly 400 degrees — with ethanol-rich perfumes can prove disastrous as you’re effectively making a Molotov lock-tail.

Petty recommends dyeing one’s mane with hair chalk or color spray instead — or seeking out a pro.

“Alternatively, get in touch with your hairstylist, who can best advise on how to refresh your color and avoid long-lasting damage,” she said.

This isn’t the first TikTok beauty hack to go up in smoke. The platform has seen a plethora of half-baked fads, including face waxing, reshaping one’s teeth with nail files and even trying to plump one’s pout with erection cream.


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