NASA signs off on developing ‘Space Hero’ reality TV series

Got stars in your eyes?

Then maybe you have what it takes to be the next “Space Hero” — a new reality television show being developed with support from emerging commercial spaceflight company Axiom Space, by way of a Space Act Agreement signed with NASA Monday.

“Space Hero” intends to be known as “the world’s first global competition to send a civilian into space on a $55 million, 10-day trip to the ISS,” according to a statement obtained by Space.com, with a launch target set for 2023.

The reality competition concept isn’t in the works yet as the agreement “does not authorize a private astronaut mission to the International Space Station,” a NASA spokesperson told Space.com. The “nonreimbursable” deal was made “for the purpose of facilitating initial cooperation and information sharing between NASA and ‘Space Hero,’ ” they added.

"Space Hero" logo
“Space Hero” has not been slated for production as organizers assess viability and assemble a comprehensive proposal to NASA.
Space Hero

The spokesperson continued to couch any and all excitement about the potential series.

“Any decision for a longer term partnership beyond this initial feasibility study covered under the agreement will require additional follow on agreement(s) pending concept approval, distribution, and funding. If approved by NASA, the private astronaut mission and its associated commercial activities would be conducted as part of a separate, future agreement between NASA and a private astronaut mission provider” — that private provider, in this case, being Axiom Space.

the International Space Station
“Space Hero” hopes to send amateur astronauts to the International Space Station, about 220 miles above Earth.

The spokesperson further explained that, upon a successful feasibility assessment, “Space Hero” producers would then prompt Axiom to submit a proposal seeking NASA’s approval for their private astronaut mission,

"Space Hero" co-founders Deborah Sass (right) and Thomas Reemer.
“Space Hero” co-founders Deborah Sass and Thomas Reemer.
Space Hero

But there are high hopes for the show, as organizers have stated their ambitious goal of shooting 15 seasons’ worth of “Space Hero” over the course of 30 years, taking contestants to the moon, Mars and beyond — as technological innovations allow.

Ideal candidates would be at least 18 or older, and fluent in English, according to the statement. “Equality is our mission. We encourage women and men from all over the world to apply to become the ‘Space Hero,’ ” said the series’ co-founder Deborah Sass. “This competition is a safe environment for everyone. Don’t let gender be a hurdle.”

“Space Hero” is the latest in a new trend of cosmic competitions, including the forthcoming “Inspiration4” mission, in which four amateur astronauts will launch into Earth’s orbit via a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft, or Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa’s quest to find eight companions for a lunar mission dubbed “dearMoon.”


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