Nadia Sawalha opens up on terrifying sexual assault at 10 ‘I lost all ability to breathe’

Loose Women panellist Nadia Sawalha, 56, has said she was left feeling “petrified” when a man was staring at her on a bus, prompting her to get off. The mother-of-two went on to say she saw the same man on the bus the following day, and this time he got off and followed her.

“He was getting closer and I started to run – this is about four o’clock in the afternoon,” she began to explain.

“He pushes me up against a bench, and at that point I can’t breathe I lost all ability to breathe.”

Nadia said she pushed him away and began to “really run” but he managed to catch up with her.

“I ran all the way to the hill by my home and I’m nearly there, I am 40 steps from home at the top of the hill and he got to me,” she added.

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“He dragged me down the hill. There was a kerfuffle and he put his hand up my skirt and – somebody came over and I ran into the house.”

Nadia opened up about her experience on her podcast How To Stay Married (So Far), which she presents with husband Mark Adderly.

She opened up about her personal experience during a discussion about Sarah Everard, who was reported missing and later announced as dead earlier this month.

A Met police officer is due to go on trial in the autumn accused of the kidnap and murder of the late 33-year-old.

Nadia added her daughters Maddie, 18, and Kiki, 13, “dress to look like 15-year-old boys” to avoid unwanted attention.

It’s not the first time the Loose Women star has opened up about a personal experience. 

The mother-of-two said she felt “dirty” when she was once told to wear “no bra” while working as a waitress in her late teens.

Speaking on Loose Women, she said: “I was an out-of-work actress in my late teens and working as a waitress.

“I got offered a job where they said ‘you’re gorgeous’ and I thought great. But it was more money than usual.”

She said the required uniform consisted of a “very tight pencil skirt” and a “white shirt” and was told to wear “no bra”.

“I then felt really stupid and panicked,” she added.

“I went out into the room to do my shift and there were businessmen sat at tables. Loads of women with their boobs out.

“I lasted ten minutes before I said I had to go.”


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