Monty Don recalls late dog Nigel’s ‘very rare quality’ – ‘Different from the beginning’

“He steals every scene he is in. He takes the light form the room and casts it so that it falls on him to his very best advantage.”

The BBC star, who also has a Yorkshire terrier named Patti and another retriever named Nellie, added that Nigel also knew his way around a film set, and used to go into the garden to find him in positions that were especially flattering on-camera.

“When we are filming it is uncanny how he will always find just the position where the combination of sunlight, flowers, the whole composition of the scene – about which he cannot possibly have the slightest notion – all came together to work perfectly around him,” Monty chuckled, looking back on filming Gardeners’ World with his four-legged friend.

But in May 2020, poor Nigel suffered a major seizure in the early hours, and the the presenter revealed he didn’t appear to know where he was, and seemed to have lost his sight.


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