Mobile Fitness Studio Makes Working Out Convenient And Safe 

During this pandemic millions of people are looking for ways to keep moving, Boston based MOVESTUDIOS has created a gym on wheels that is one of a kind.”We are redefining your fitness experience for both you and the industry professional. From a big box gym to a smaller studio, we can deliver on your need.” said owner Drew LaCombe.  


The concept is designed for both trainers and instructors to have a space to exclusively bring their clients. “Our model allows trainers, instructors and clients to ‘Move To Your Full Potential’ which encourages trainers to lease the studio to meet and exceed their needs.”  


The studio is adaptable to both the weather and the many aspects of fitness training, ranging from private and semi-private training to small group and group classes.


The gym is an innovative versatile concept that has redefined the fitness experience. This studio is delivering a unique exclusive environment within a modern adaptive design. 



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