Martin Roberts issues stark warning following health scare: ‘It can get really serious’

He went on to give a word of warning about the condition, saying: “So I’m glad to say that here on this Saturday morning, it’s finally feeling a bit better, but it does go to show that you do need to take this seriously.

“If you’ve got anything like I had, this cellulitis, look at the pictures of what it looked like and get it treated soon, because unless you get those antibiotics into you quickly it can get really, really, serious. And even with antibiotics it takes a while to get better!”

He ended his message with a word of thanks, smiling at the camera: “But I just want to say thank you so much for your amazing messages and kindness.

“It genuinely has made such a difference, so thanks for staying with me on the night and following up and checking how I am, I really appreciate it.”


Daily Express

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