Martin Bell says ‘lavish overpaid’ salaries are unnecessary as he addresses BBC regret

“If you doubled my salary when I left, which is about the same as my salary in parliament, I wouldn’t have been at the bottom end of the list of the overpaid BBC news staff, but never mind.”

On the earnings some of the highest paid stars received, he went on to say: “It’s unnecessary. I mean you don’t join the BBC to make money.

“You join it because it’s a public service, it’s interesting and it’s one of the worlds leading news organisations.

“In fact, Kate Adie and I, she’s a friend of mine, we sometimes turn to each other and say how lucky we are, we both had very long careers there.”

Preet Kaur

Preet is our Tech wiz. With a Degree in Computer Science and English literature, she loves to research the latest of the tech world and is great getting to the heart of what’s going on in that arena. At times we need to put a damper on his opinions as they might come off a little strong. “NOT” Keep it rolling Preet, we love your thoughts and insight. e-mail: preetkaur@eaglesvine.com

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