Louise Minchin leaves BBC Breakfast weather man Matt Taylor blushing after ‘steamy’ remark

Louise Minchin, 52, made BBC Breakfast weatherman Matt Taylor “blush” on the programme this morning. The TV host said she left her colleague flustered after making a remark about “steamy temperatures”, as the UK will sizzle this week in a three-day heatwave.

On Twitter Louise typed: “I think I made @MetMattTaylor blush with my mention of steamy temperatures.”

In response, fans found the incident hilarious as they urged the presenter to carry on with the “double entendre”.

One said: “Blushing here too.”

A second replied: “So funny. Louise, I am gonna miss you on Breakfast. I have enjoyed your ‘company’ for years. Love from the Netherlands!”

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After going back to the studio, Louise laughed: “I’m not sure I’ve managed to make you blush before, Matt!”

The red-faced weatherman replied: “You’ve managed it! One week to go and you’ve done it.”

“Oh, brilliant,” said Louise as Dan and Matt set off laughing again.

Dan thought it was hilarious seeing his colleagues squirm as he confessed: “It was very enjoyable!”


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