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Kubbra Sait is looking forward to making her international debut with her upcoming web series. While she is excited that life is steadily getting back to normal, post the second wave of the pandemic, the actress remembers the tough time she faced during the lockdown. The phase proved to be a learning lesson and only made her realise multiple things

She says, “Instead of always looking for the outside recognition or gratification one should start looking from within. It works better. I am sure this pandemic and the lockdown has taught us how little we need. It literally needed a catastrophe like this to for us to realise that. Otherwise, humko hamare ghar ka stock kam padta tha. We have so many clothes in our cupboard and we couldn’t even use them through the lockdown. Like many others, I think this pandemic was here to teach me too. That’s the kind of impact it has left on me.”

Kubbra also points out that in an industry like showbiz there are actors who focus upon glamour and then other are those who only work for their passion for acting. As work came to a standstill, as the income was affected the latter might not have felt the pinch much.
“There have been certain fabric of actors who have been focused on what they want since the very beginning. Like, they know that this is exactly what they are here to do. For them, it was never about the commercial success, how much money they are making, how much more it is going to add to their life. They put their heads down and immerse their energies in creativity. So in that sense, if you are not constantly looking for redemption on the outside ki main actor hoon toh mere paas badi gadi hai, achche kapde hai, mein iss hotel mein khaata hoon then it is sorted for you. Once the projection is not on the outside it is still possible to hold your fort during these complex times.”


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