KRK Hits Out At Kangana Ranaut Yet Again Over Thalaivii: “You Do Crap Films”

KRK Hits Out At Kangana Ranaut
KRK Tweets Against Kangana Ranaut(Pic Credit: Facebook/KRK, Kangana Ranaut, IMDb)

Kamaal R Khan aka KRK isn’t stopping anytime soon. After mocking Akshay Kumar for weeks, the self-proclaimed critic has now set a new target in the form of Kangana Ranaut. Below is all you need to know.

A couple of days back, Kamaal took potshots at Kangana by calling out her hypocrite nature. As per him, Kangana uses all foreign products but urges fans to watch only Indian films, especially her Thalaivii. The actress didn’t respond to it. However, that doesn’t stop Kamaal from making another tweet against the actress.

In the latest tweet, KRK says, “Didi #KanganaRanaut is same like other bollywoodwalas! She did show #Thalaivi to Samosa critics before 4 days from release and asked them to give 4* like #Bhuj and #Faactory! The film is disaster and now she is blaming Karan Johar and Ranbir Kapoor instead of accepting truth.”

In another tweet, KRK writes, “After getting 4* also, she is saying that Karan and Ranbir are running negative media campaign against her film. Means she was expecting 10* out of 5*! Lol! Didi this is your 11th flop in a row and it has happened because you do crap films. It’s proof that too many ppl hate you.”

It will be interesting to see if Kangana Ranaut reacts to Kamaal’s tweets.

Speaking of the film, Thalaivii released on 10th September. It has received decent reviews from critics, but the box office numbers aren’t promising enough. The film is majorly suffering from COVID scare among people and theatres closure in major centres like Maharashtra.

Earlier, Kangana even urged the Maharashtra government to open theatres to save the film industry. She had shared a note on Instagram in which she wrote, “Cases in Maharashtra have decline. Requesting Maharashtra Government to #OpenUpCinemas in Maharashtra and save the dying film industry and theatres business.”

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