Kevin Clifton slams Strictly Come Dancing double standards ‘Doesn’t sit right with me’

“I’ve seen this so much on Strictly. I often see it that the male celebs can get away with a lot more than the female celebs,” he said on the topic.

“If a male celeb comes out and sort of rips their shirt off and winks at the camera and starts shimmying, in general the audience go, ‘Woah, that’s great. Yeah we love him.’

“But if a girl comes out and – not rips their shirt off, that wouldn’t be appropriate – if a girl comes out and winks at the camera and does a shimmy and looks confident in the same way, there is something about that the audience immediately go, ‘Oh, she’s a bit over confident. She thinks she’s really good. She thinks she’s better than she is.’

“And I don’t like it. I’m always like why is it OK for men to be confident but not women to be confident? That doesn’t sit right with me,” he added during an appearance on his podcast The Kevin Clifton Show.


Daily Express

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