Kelvin Fletcher blames wife for weight loss as he slams her cooking ‘Absolutely abysmal!’

Former Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher, 37, has revealed that many people have been commenting on his weight loss in recent weeks. The Strictly Come Dancing winner cheekily blamed his changing body shape on his wife Liz Marsland’s cooking after he discovered what she had served up for him this evening when he returned home.

Kelvin explained that he was initially looking forward to seeing what his other half had prepared for him to eat after a hard day’s work outdoors.

Speaking in a funny video, which he shared with his 371,000 Instagram followers, Kelvin filmed himself telling Liz: “I go to the oven, excited because you said, ‘Your tea’s in the oven’ and I stared at it for five minutes.”

While Liz could be heard in fits of giggles in the background, Kelvin revealed his dinner to fans, which consisted of a small chicken fillet and a mini jacket potato. 

Kelvin put his hand next to the plate to show fans the scale of his food.

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He quipped: “Just so you’ve got a scale, that’s my hand. 

“That’s not a new potato, it’s a jacket potato. That’s not a chicken nugget, it’s a chicken fillet.

“Liz, I’ve not stopped today, I’ve not stopped. It’s 10 o’clock and I’ve just got in from working outside and Liz told me she’d done me some tea.”

“Mine was lovely!” Liz insisted in response after giggling at her husband’s reaction.


“Yeah I’ll spruce that up,” Liz chuckled.

Kelvin then sighed in dismay and told fans: “All you guys and girls out there, if your other half has made you tea tonight, send me pictures of your tea and what they made you today.”

The star then shared a selfie where he posed with a miserable expression.

He captioned the snap: “That face you pull when you get a s**t tea.”

Addressing his recent weight loss, Kelvin then added in another video: “People see me at the minute and say, ‘Kelvin, you’ve lost some weight’. 

“Is it any wonder? Is it any wonder? 

“That’s what I’m living off,” the actor exclaimed.

Liz seemed to take her husband’s critical comments in her stride, as she laughed along with his cheeky remarks.


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