Katie Piper hints at regret over cannibal hamster update after criticism from fans

Katie Piper, 37, left her 296,3000 Twitter followers stunned yesterday, after she revealed that one of her hamsters had eaten the other one in a cannibalistic attack. Immediately some of her fans weighed in with disapproval of the hamster’s living conditions, as they argued that two hamsters should not be kept together in a cage. 

The TV personality began to question whether she should have shared the information online, or should now stick to simply sharing “lunch updates”.

Katie typed: “Think I’m just going to go back to tweeting photos of my lunch,” after she had received over 500 responses to news of her hamster’s “murder”. 

Some followers had even questioned why she had purchased a hamster to begin with.

One user questioned: “People care about animals, what did you expect?”

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However, other users expressed their condolences as they shared that similar experiences had happened to them.

One typed: “Omg this happened to me too! I was traumatised as a child !!”

A second replied: “This happened to us 30 years ago. I only told my daughter the truth last year!”

Katie has been married to husband Richard Sutton since 2015, the couple have two daughters Belle, six, and Penelope, two.

She explained that she had to hide the remains of the dead hamster away from her daughter Belle, before she began to ask probing questions.

She added: “Have put the hamster remains [fur and bones] in a Jo Malone box in the garage. 

“My husband goes to work still and I’m homeschooling alone, so I am not going to tell Belle until the evening time.”

In a bid to not upset her youngster, Katie revealed she told a white lie.

Katie continued: “Going with the line of he passed away in his sleep due to old age rather than his best friend murdered and ate him. Then will give her the options to bury a box in the garden.”


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