Kate Garraway urges husband Derek to get ‘stronger’ as she admits he can’t go outside

Speaking with Iain Dale on LBC, the radio broadcaster quizzed: “Have you come to terms with the fact that it is inevitable that things cannot go back to how they were even if he recovers, it will not necessarily be the same as it was?”

Kate replied: “It absolutely won’t be the same as it was, I don’t think it will be the same for any of us really, I think we’re all changed by this.

“I think, strangely, we’ve all been through something together in isolation. It is the strangest experience which I think we will look back on in decades to come, people will study in schools and we all wonder how we all live through it.

“Hopefully we’ll get a chance to look back on it and hopefully it will just be history. We won’t have to live a strange new life forever.”


Daily Express

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