Kate Garraway speaks out after GMB comment about sick husband Derek is

Kate Garraway, 53, returned to Good Morning Britain in July four months after her husband Derek Draper, 53, was admitted to hospital with coronavirus, which has since led onto further health complications. The presenter was advised to return to work and resume to normal life by doctors, as her husband’s recovery remains unclear.

Kate has now revealed why she was apprehensive about returning to the show, as she addressed a comment which was misinterpreted by viewers.

She explained: “I very consciously didn’t want to talk too much on air about the sadness of Derek.

“I don’t want to bring anybody down; my job is to cheer people up.

“But it’s a balance: I also don’t want anyone to think, ‘There she is smiling and not caring about her husband’.”

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The mother-of-two mentioned her concerns on-air, but some viewers misinterpreted this as her saying she had been trolled for being cheerful.

“That was taken all wrong,” she explained.

Clarifying her comment, she added: “I anticipated nastiness, but the truth is I haven’t been trolled at all. Everyone has been staggeringly supportive.”

Kate’s husband of 15 years remains in hospital after the coronavirus led to further health problems, including issues with his intestines.

“So I have seen a very human side to them. Boris’s public face gets a lot of stick but the challenge is that politicians are all in the dark just like us.”

Kate has since returned to her presenting slot on Smooth Radio following her seven-month break from the show.

She shared a video from the studio yesterday as she thanked her fans for their continuous support.

“It’s so lovely to be back, hello,” she began. “First day today, absolutely loving it.

“Thank you so much for all your messages while I’ve been gone.”

Showing the gifts she had received from her team, she added: “Look what the gang at Smooth have done, I’ve got chocolates, I’ve got flowers, I’ve got party rings… they know what I need to get through a show don’t they.

“Thank you so much for everything, it’s brilliant to be back.”

She captioned the post: “Back on @smoothradio! Missed you – thanks so much for all your lovely messages, hope you are loving the great songs!”

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