Julia Bradbury’s sister careers off road after ‘3 young’uns throw huge rock onto motorway’

Today, Gina, who runs the website The Outdoor Guide, took her efforts to Instagram, where she shared a snap of her dented car as she further asked for help.

She typed: “On Saturday heading north on M1 between junction 26 & 27 some young ‘uns decided to lob a rock off a bridge which bounced on to my bonnet and windscreen.

“Ironic that I am working for our @theoutdoorguide foundation to donate waterproof kits to schools to encourage kids to go outdoors.

“But not to be dressed appropriately to throw rocks off bridges. What possesses these kids to even think of this type of activity.

“Luckily my sturdy beast stood its ground and I’ve lived to tell the tale. I’m just glad everyone is okay and that our valuable emergency services weren’t needed for such a mindless and fxxxxx stupid act!”(sic)


Daily Express

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