Jimmy Fallon Plays Love-Obsessed Harry Styles Amid Romance With Olivia Wilde

Monday was quite a day for Harry Styles.

Hours after much of the world was surprised to learn about the singer’s budding romance with Olivia Wilde, Jimmy Fallon shared a skit on “The Tonight Show” in which he portrayed a love-focused version of the 26-year-old One Direction alum.

The clip, which aired on Monday, claimed to show Styles preparing to shoot his recent music video for “Treat People With Kindness,” and the footage poked fun at the singer’s apparent eagerness to tell people that he has feelings for them.

After the music video’s choreographer asked Styles (played by Fallon) if he was dressed and ready to shoot, the host replied in character, “No, this is my walking-to-the-mailbox clothes. Here’s a letter from me to you. It says, ‘I love you.'”

This was quite the appropriate line to drop on the day that E! News learned from a source that the real-life Styles and Wilde were “couple-y” together when they attended a wedding over the weekend for Styles’ manager Jeff Azoff. However, the skit did not specifically reference the 36-year-old “Booksmart” director and appeared to have been filmed prior to the news breaking.

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During another section of the comedy routine, Fallon took a playful jab at Styles’ peaceful nature.

“Can we not do any more moves where me hands are clapping on each other and hitting each other?” Fallon asked in a British accent. “It feels like my hands are fighting, and that’s very painful for me.”

As for the actual Styles, things appear to be off to a great start for him and the director of his upcoming thriller “Don’t Worry Darling.”

“They shared a room and did everything together,” the insider added to E! News about the pair’s weekend outing. “They had a great time and are very happy.”

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