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On Father’s Day, Jackie Shroff takes time off from his leisure family trips to the farm house to talk about his daddy duties and more. He’s played many father roles in Hindi films of late, but off-screen he doesn’t rate himself highly, as Tiger and Krishna Shroff’s papa. Modestly, he says that his kids have benefitted by the parenting of their mother Ayesha and grandparents.

He says, “I give the entire credit to Tiger’s mother and grandmother who have brought up both my children. When they were kids I was not there and I was a father who left in the morning for shoots and returned home late in the day. The values that you see in Tiger are the teachings of his mother who taught him to respect elders, people and be kind.” He goes on to say that he’s indebted to wife Ayesha, mother Rita for filling in during his absence. He adds, “I wasn’t there when Tiger and Krishna were kids and I couldn’t teach him anything. Tiger has learnt from his mother, he has grown up amongst women who were the shakti in his life and I was the father
jo aata jaata rehta tha (father who used to come and go).”

Jackie gets emotional recalling the first time he saw Tiger after he was born. He reminisces, “I’ll never forget the smile he gave me when he was born and I went to see him. He was in one of the incubators and I was trying to look for my son, when I spotted him he smiled at me and I thanked God for it.” Today, seeing his son as a successful film star makes Jackie a proud papa. He reveals, “I really like it when people call me Tiger Shroff’s father. And this has been the case since just after the release of ‘Heropanti’. The kids adore Tiger and I have seen those kids’ mother’s say, ‘He is Tiger Shroff’s father’. It gives me great joy to see that the children love Tiger tremendously.
Tiger ne mere naam ko chaar chand laga diya hai (Tiger’s made me famous).”

Father’s Day also gives Jackie the chance to look back at senior actors who played father to him in films, too. He recalls, “I had stalwarts like Amrish Puri playing my father in films. Onscreen fathers are at times soft and then there are the strict ones, too. Infact, I have played Tiger’s father in ‘Baaghi’ who is strict but has a soft heart. Even in ‘Dhoom 3’ I played a father who teaches his son good things and tells him, ‘
logo ka saath mat chhodna (don’t let go of people)’. The best part is I am a father in real life too, one whose children have given him recognition.” Explaining father roles in films, he adds, “Fathers will always be traditional. Their parts will always reflect our Indian culture and it should be that way. All fathers only want good for their children and that is what you see on screen.”

Speaking of the fatherly advice that he has for his children and kids in general he says, “Make yourself accountable for each and every day of your life. What you’ve earned, how much you’ve paid your staff, the taxes you’ve paid, how much you’ve donated and how you’ve saved yourself and the creative learnings you’ve had on that particular day. All of this matters.” Signing off, in his characteristic nonchalance he says, “My children are very responsible. I was a little reckless but I am learning lessons now and teaching them the same.”


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