#International Dog Day! Somy Ali: Dogs are the most loyal companions, we rarely see loyalty in human beings – Eagles Vine

International Dog Day is observed on August 26 every year, and US based actress and social activist Somy Ali expresses her support and views for animals who are abused. She said, “I am a huge dog lover. In fact, when I was in college and had moved back from India, I adopted a dog and later had three dogs at the same time,” said Somy.

Somy added, “They give you the best welcome when you come home from a hard work day. They run to you and show love and affection. Dogs are very loyal animals, which is what separates them from humans. They give you unconditional love. They are very attentive and respond immediately, which is a great social cognitive skill. They are extremely skillful at following our communicative cues, especially our points and our gazes. They pay really close attention to how we interact with each other.”

Somy also shares how many times dogs notice whether a human is helpful and favor the helpful person. “Dogs are very protective of their owners and they can sense when you are sad and figure out what kind of emotions you are going through on a particular day. My best memories with my dogs were walking them, playing with a ball or a frisbee. They are truly our best friends,” she said.

The best judgment of a man or woman’s character is how they treat animals, children and elder people. “It’s appalling how many times human beings hurt animals. We need more efforts to rescue abused animals universally, particularly in South Asia,” said Somy.

Somy lost her three dogs two decades back. She said, “With time, I lost all my three dogs many years back, and it felt like losing a child. Unfortunately, now with my NGO, I do not have time to have even one dog as I am on call with police departments for victims throughout the week.”


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