‘I don’t approve of adultery’ Prue Leith says after own affair with family friend

The Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith, 81, has claimed that she “doesn’t approve of adultery” despite her own affair lasting over a decade. The Channel 4 judge has previously spoken at length about falling in love with her mum’s best friend’s husband, Rayne Kruger, who she went on to marry and have two children with before his death in 2002.

While Prue claimed that her decade-long affair didn’t “destroy the family relationship”, she admitted that “it was tough for a while”.

The chef also went on to explain the timeline of her and Rayne’s relationship, revealing that they were married three days after his divorce from first wife Nan was finalised.

She said: “They divorced on the Friday, we got married on the Monday and Daniel was born on the Wednesday.”

Addressing her actions, the star added: “I still think it’s wrong.”

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However, despite the illicit relationship, the star said she had no regrets over how the relationship turned out.

“I wouldn’t change it if I went back, I’d stick with it, but I don’t approve of adultery,” she stated in a Sunday Times interview.

Prue fell in love with South African author and property developer Rayne when she was 21.

The chef had “worshipped” the family friend since the age of seven, but it wasn’t until much later than she fell in love with the man who would go on to become her husband.

“Poor Nan had no idea what a serpent she had allowed into her nest,” she wrote, before revealing that she “never asked [Ray] to leave his wife” for her.

“But as soon as I wanted a baby — the classic body-clock storm hit me at 33 — Rayne left Nan,” Prue clarified.

The couple went on to have son Danny Kruger, Conservative MP for Devizes, and daughter Li-Da Kruger, who they adopted from Cambodia.

The author admitted that her son Daniel was “incredibly embarrassed” by her autobiography, which publicised the “scandal and sexy bits” of her relationship with Rayne.

They were married for over four decades until Rayne’s death in 2002.

The star also explained that she “never fretted” about being a good mum, revealing that she chose to “get on with” her life instead of “worrying” that she was damaging her children.

In 2016, the Bake Off presenter married John Playfair after their first meeting in 2011.

The star finally agreed to move in with her new beau after ten years together, explaining that they could each look after their own responsibilities that way.


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