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British actor and emerging singer, HRVY is taking over the soundwaves with his brand new summer single ‘1 Day 2 Nights’. The club-anthem is his first single since signing with the record label BMG. In a candid conversation with ETimes, HRVY spilled the tea about his new single, the Hollywood inspiration behind his music videos, and his wish to write a song for Bollywood’s King of Romance, Shah Rukh Khan.

All of 22, this young hunk has garnered an incredible online fan-following around the globe. When asked what he thinks about this frenzy, he humbly replies, “Never in a million years did I expect to have this many people support me and my music. I’ve always wanted to travel the world and write music but I always thought it was going to be more of a hobby than my actual career. Now, I can say that being an artiste is my full-time job. If I’m honest it’s hard even calling it a job because of how incredible and how lucky I am to be doing it”.

Talking about the new dance track, HRVY says, “I wrote this song a few months ago, right in the middle of the pandemic. I remember walking into the studio wanting to write a super slow acoustic ballad. I think we even started writing one, but somehow we came out with probably my most upbeat dance club track ever. I believe in accidents in music, so, I thought let’s just roll with it! I think we all need a song that makes us want to dance right now”.

If you, like many, have watched his ‘1 Day 2 Nights’ music video, you’d get the ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’ reference and even the flawless recreation of Leonardo Dicaprio and Margot Robbie’s scene. When asked about the inspiration behind the video, he admits, “I love Leo! He’s a real inspiration for me. I’ve always loved his movies, his style, and have secretly always wanted to be an actor. ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ is one of my all-time favourite movies and I really wanted to wear a suit in a music video, so, that was the perfect excuse,” he quips.

Those following his work will know that iconic Hollywood films make their way into his music videos. Another example of this being ‘Million Ways’. The music video has elements of ‘Dirty Dancing’ to it, and we couldn’t help but ask how Hollywood inspires him. HRVY explains, “I really enjoy recreating iconic movie scenes in my music videos, I think it’s the sense of nostalgia that I like. Hollywood definitely inspires the imagery of my videos. I also always think about LA when I’m writing music. I’m not sure why but I just love the weather and the vibes.”

When asked if he plans to pursue a career in acting or star in a musical, without a second thought, he says, “I WOULD LOVE to be in a movie or movie musical! My dream would have been to be a part of ‘The Greatest Showman’! It just looks like so much fun.”

While chatting about his acting dreams, he revealed that he was more than ready to even star in a
desi Bollywood film and would love to work on a song for the ‘legend’ Shah Rukh Khan. “I would love to act in a Bollywood movie! When I last visited I heard about the legend Shah Rukh Khan! So if he ever needs a song for one of his movies, I’m here!” While his next trip to India may take a tad longer owing to the Covid-19 restrictions, he sent love to his fans saying, “I love you guys, stay safe. I can’t wait to return to India. I loved it the first time and I can’t wait to come back, meet, and make more memories with you guys”.


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