Here’s why this beautiful TikToker, 27, says she’s ‘never kissed anybody’

Emily Lewis is not one to kiss and tell. 

In fact, she’s never even had a kiss. 

“I am 27 years old, I have never dated anybody, never kissed anybody,” the smiley blonde mused in a TikTok video last week. “I’ve never been physical in any way, shape or form with the opposite sex, and I am attracted to men… Not even come close, ever, not once.”

The smooch-less saga racked up a staggering 1.9 million views, and prompted more than 20 moms to offer up their adult sons to try to make a love connection.

“I take it as a compliment,” the Californian told The Post. “I tell them that I’m flattered, but ‘no,’ in the nicest way possible.”

Despite the propositions from well-meaning mamas everywhere, Lewis told The Post she’s truly happy living a life without lip-locking.

“It’s just never happened for me,” Lewis, who works as a customer service rep for a fitness company, said. “That TikTok wasn’t a cry for help or a ploy to get dates. I’m genuinely happy being single and kiss-free.”

To her surprise, thousands of viewers flocked to her comments section, admitting that they’ve also never been kissed and thanking her for speaking out. 

Others wished they’d waited before getting involved in ill-fated romances, saying they would have avoided years of heartache. 

The Tik Toker's video Her video has since garnered about 1.5 million views and more than 230,000 likes.
Lewis also revealed that she lost over 140 pounds.

“I am shocked by the reaction my video received,” Lewis said of the more than 17,000 responses it generated. 

Her story resembles the arc of the coming-of-age classic “Never Been Kissed,” starring Drew Barrymore. In the 1999 rom-com, Barrymore, now 46, plays a 25-year-old who too had missed all the typical making-out milestones during her formative years.

As a kid, Lewis attended a small, private faith-based school on the West Coast and was later home-schooled until her senior year of high school. While she did go to prom — an occasion most teens use to explore, at minimum, preliminary levels of lust — she’d banished her date to the friend zone.

It’s mostly been a matter of timing, said Lewis, who noted she’s “always been someone who’s kind of gone against the grain.”

“I’m not ashamed or embarrassed by the fact that I’ve never kissed a guy. I just never had feelings for somebody else who’s had feelings for me at the same time,” she said. “I’ve never been tempted in a face-to-face situation with a guy. Of course there are desires, especially when hormones are raging, but I’ve never felt the need to act on it.”

Lewis also once weighed 325 pounds. But since August 2019 she’s lost 140, and credits her transformation to a best seller on the science of overcoming food addiction, “Bright Line Eating,” by Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson. 

Lewis revealed that she lost over 140 pounds.
Her video has since garnered about 1.5 million views and more than 230,000 likes.

She underscored that her weight didn’t have anything to do with her abstinence.

“In my most insecure moments, I’ll start wondering if my weight stopped me from meeting Mr. Right,” she said. “But when I’d look at couples around me, I’d see other beautiful full-figure women with hot guys, so I’m like no, weight has nothing to do with it. It’s not your weight, it’s just not your time.”

And she’s not kissing off potential lovers in order to abide by any religious restrictions — although she is a Christian. 

Instead, Lewis simply doesn’t believe hooking up with someone will improve her already full life with her friends, family and golden retriever, Lawson.

Lewis and her golden retriever pup,Lawson.
Lewis and her golden retriever pup, Lawson.

“I’m just really happy and content by myself. I just know kissing or hooking up with someone won’t make me any happier than I am right now,” she said.

And while she’s open to one day meeting a guy and enjoying her first kiss, Lewis is in no rush for a crush. 

“I’d love to experience romance with the man of my dreams some day,” she said, noting her affinity for Chris Hemsworth lookalikes. 

“But until then, I’m cool not kissing.”


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