Here’s Whether Michelle & Her ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Are Still Together Amid Rumors He Cheated on Her

Since The Bachelorette 2021 finale, fans have had one question: Are Michelle and Nayte still together after The Bachelorette season 18 or have rumors that he was “inappropriate”with other women affected their relationship?

Nayte Olukoya is one of 30 contestants on The Bachelorette season 18 with Michelle Young. Michelle, a 27-year-old teacher from Edina, Minnesota, was a contestant on The Bachelor season 25 with Matt James, where she was the runner-up. Michelle was confirmed as the season 18 Bachelorette during the season 25 “After the Final Rose” special, where guest host Emmanuel Acho announced Michelle and Katie Thurston, who was eliminated in 10th place on Matt’s Bachelor season, as the next Bachelorettes. Katie, who was the season 17 Bachelorette, aired her season from June to August 2021.

According to Reality Steve, Michelle was the first choice to be the season 17 Bachelorette but because of her job as a fifth grade teacher, she didn’t want to leave her students during the school year like she did on Matt’s Bachelor season, so ABC postponed filming for her until the summer when school is out. While Michelle was still in school, Katie filmed her Bachelorette season, which is why there were two Bachelorettes in 2021. Tayshia Adams, who hosted Michelle’s Bachelorette season with Kaitlyn Bristowe, teased to Entertainment Tonight in October 2021 that Michelle’s finale is unlike any recent Bachelorette finale. “How it ends? I don’t think we’ve seen an ending like what happens in a couple of seasons now,” Tayshia said. “We’ve seen a lot. So there’s a lot of highs and lows. It’s all good things. I would just say she definitely leans into her heart and puts it all out on the line.”

So…are Michelle and Nayte still together after The Bachelorette season 18? Read on for whether Michelle and Nayte are still engaged after The Bachelorette finale and the rumors that have surrounded their relationship.

Who is Michelle’s Bachelorette winner?


Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Who is Michelle’s Bachelorette winner? Nayte Olukoya won The Bachelorette season 18 with Michelle Young after he received her last rose at the Final Rose Ceremony over runner-up, Brandon Jones, according to Reality Steve. Nayte also proposed to Michelle at the Final Rose Ceremony, and the two got engaged. In an episode of the “Click Bait” podcast in December 2021, Nayte defended himself from claims he wasn’t ready to get engaged.

“When Michelle’s asking me, like, ‘There’s one thing between being in love with somebody or falling in love with somebody, and then an engagement,’ what I was trying to say in that moment was, ‘I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know what life is going to look if you and I [were] to leave this bubble,’” he said. “Same thing with [my stepdad] Charles when he was asking me a lot of those questions.” He continued: “All I knew is that I trust myself, like, I trust that I’m falling in love with you, I’m trusting that I seriously want to be with you. And I don’t have all the answers. … I’m not the perfect answer guy who’s going to tell you everything you want to hear.”

Because Nayte also received Michelle’s First Impression Rose on Night One. He is the seventh Bachelorette contestant to both win and receive the First Impression Rose after Dale Moss (season 16, Clare Crawley); Garrett Yrigoyen (season 14, Becca Kufrin); Bryan Abasolo (season 13, Rachel Lindsay); Shawn Booth (season 11, Kaitlyn Bristowe); Roberto Martinez (season 6, Ali Fedotowsky) and Jesse Csincsak (season 4, DeAnna Pappas.)

Are Michelle and Nayte still together after The Bachelorette?

Michelle, Nayte,

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Are Michelle and Nayte still together after The Bachelorette season 18? The answer is yes. Reality Steve confirmed in December 2021 that Michelle and Nayte were still together. Reality Steve’s confirmation came after rumors that Michelle and Nayte had broken up after claims that he split with his girlfriend of five years right before Michelle’s Bachelorette season. There were also rumors that Michelle had reunited with Joe Coleman— who came in third place on her Bachelorette season and also lives in Michelle’s home state of Minnesota—after her breakup with Nayte.

“What’s up with rumors Nayte had a girlfriend of five years right before the show? And that [he and Michelle have] broken up, and she’s with Joe? Any validity to either statement?” a Twitter user asked Reality Steve, to which he responded, “Not true. Michelle & Nayte are engaged. You’ll see that Tuesday. People just looking for clicks.” Reality Steve also claimed that he’s talked to Nayte’s ex-girlfriend and confirmed that they had broken up long before Nayte went on Michelle’s Bachelorette season. “As for his ex, I’ve spoken to her a few times over last 2 months. She never wanted to be part of this story. Her friends are the ones that keep pushing it. There you go,” Reality Steve tweeted.

However, Nayte’s ex-girlfriend isn’t the only rumor that’s surrounded his and Michelle’s engagement. In November 2021, a source told DeuxMoi, a celebrity Instagram account, that they had run into Nayte at a bar in Austin, Texas, where he lives. The source claimed that Nayte was “flirty” with them and was “inappropriate” with other women who weren’t Michelle.  “I live in Austin and ran into Nayte from Michelle’s season this past weekend at a bar. He was very flirty with me when I ordered and offered me a shot and was drunk and trying to hug me,” the source wrote. The source continued, “I’m a lesbian so I said no thanks. Like an hour later, I saw him taking shots and hugging up at the bar with a different girl. Not Michelle. But he was really inappropriate in my opinion. He’s 6’8″ and impossible to miss. Also super loud.”

A user on Reddit, however, claimed that they had also run into Nayte at a bar in Austin, where he was “careful” to not to be “caught” in any behavior that could seem unfaithful to Michelle. “I met him 2 weekends ago in Austin and this is super opposite of the behavior during our interaction. He was super nice and was very careful not to be caught in anything that looked suspect,” the user wrote. “When I took a photo with him he would only take a selfie (my friend was trying to take a pic of me talking to him and he told her no) and when he took a photo with me and my two friends, he had another friend get in the photo with us lol.” Neither Michelle nor Nayte have responded to the rumors.

Who is Nayte from The Bachelorette?


Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Who is Nayte Olukoya from The Bachelorette season 18? Nayte is a 27-year-old sales executive from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, but currently lives in Austin, Texas. He graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2019 with a bachelor’s of arts in business administration and a minor in African American history, according to his Linkedin. After graduation, he worked as an account executive at Indeed before he was promoted to senior account executive in January 2021. Nayte has also worked as a bartender at Press in Spokane, Washington, and a sales representative for AT&T in Cheney, Washington. He also has a volunteer experience as a teacher’s aid for Omaha Public Schools and a caregiver for Oberlin House.

In his Bachelorette bio, Nayte, who is 6 foot, 8 inches, talked about how he’s looking for a “teammate for life.” “When you walk into a room, it’s hard not to notice Nayte. He has a smile that sparkles like the stars, he is always the life of the party; and to boot, he is a 6-foot, eight-inch Adonis of a man,” his bio reads. “Nayte doesn’t have trouble meeting women, but as he edges closer to 30, he’s more focused on finding a long-lasting relationship that will go the distance. His dream woman is outgoing, spontaneous and has enough swagger of her own to keep up with him. He’s looking for a connection filled with heat and for someone who will be just as passionate about him as he is about her. Nayte is looking for a teammate for life and is confident that Michelle may just be the one he’s been waiting for.”

For his fun facts, Nayte listed the following:

– Nayte dreams of visiting the Taj Mahal.

– Nayte can’t dance to save his life.

– Nayte likes Edible Arrangements.

Who is Michelle from The Bachelorette?


Image: ABC/Sami Drasin.

In case you don’t know by now: Michelle Young is The Bachelorette season 18. Michelle, a 27-year-old teacher from Edina, Minnesota, was a contestant on The Bachelor season 25 with Matt James, where she was the runner-up. During the season 25 “After the Final Rose” special, Michelle and Katie Thurston, who was eliminated in 10th place on Matt’s Bachelor season, were announced as the next Bachelorettes. Katie, who was the season 17 Bachelorette, aired her season from June to August 2021. Michelle’s season will air from October to December 2021.

So who is The Bachelorette 2021, Michelle Young? Michelle was a Division 1 college basketball player and played Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, from 2011 to 2015. Michelle’s current job is as a fifth grade teacher at an elementary school in Bloomington, Minnesota. She joined Instagram on April 2020, just a couple months before Matt’s Bachelor season premiered.

 In her Bachelor bio, Michelle describes herself as an “over-worker” and described her “dream man” as confident but not cocky.” “Admittedly, she is an over-worker and says she is here because she is ready to find love and a man with whom to start a family,” Michelle’s Bachelor bio reads. “As a partner, she describes herself as loyal, compassionate and supportive, and shows love through acts of service. Her dream man is confident but not cocky and will look at her as his equal in all things.”

Her bio continues, “When Michelle’s not working, she loves to spend time with friends hiking and wine tasting. She is very adventurous in life and in appetite; she says that all of her favorite restaurants are local food trucks. Michelle has big dreams for the future and says she wants a man by her side that is supportive and driven to make the world a better place. She is looking for the superman to her superwoman and says that, together, she hopes that she and Matt can fall in love and change the world.”

For her fun facts, Michelle lists the following:

– Michelle is a catch-phrase queen.

– Michelle loves to go ice cream taste testing.

– Michelle is not into hot tub dates because they are too cliché.

The Bachelorette is available to stream on Hulu. Here’s how to watch it for free.

Image: Courtesy of Penguin Books.

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