Henry Cavill In Talks With Dwayne Johnson To Make Superman Vs Black Adam Fight Real?

Superman Vs Black Adam Might Turn Reality As Henry Cavill Is In Talks With Dwayne Johnson?
Henry Cavill & Dwayne Johnson Discussing Superman & Black Adam Fight?(Pic Credit: IMDb)

It is not an alien fact that regardless of the number of times Henry Cavill has played Superman, he is one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. And at the cost of sounding hyped, he is also the most recalled blue boy scout we ever knew. At the top of that league is without a single doubt, Dwayne Johnson. The actor is at the top of the hierarchy and sits there like a king.

What if we tell you the two might meet somewhere in the superhero universe? Yes, you read that just right; there is a slight possibility that it might happen. The grapevine has that Cavill is keen on collaborating with Johnson and the idea for the union is an spic one. Read on to know everything you need to know about the same.

If you are aware of the fact, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is playing Black Adam in a spin-off film making his full-fledged DC debut. The actor was behind the character for more than a decade since 2007. Finally last year the DC Gods were happy enough to have showered their blessings on the star and he entered their universe. Who won’t want the biggest actor in the world to join their studio?

While that is there, much sooner after the announcement for Black Adam was made, there were speculations about his fight with Superman. Both the hero and the anti-hero hold similar powers, and the clash between them will be an epic one. Seems like Henry Cavill is now hell-bent to make it into reality

As per the reports on We Got This Covered, Henry Cavill is in talks with Dwayne Johnson to churn out a film where they meet and well, fight. There is no confirmation when how and what the film will be but the two are in conversation. The portal says that it will be after the initial Black Adam has released and seen its fate.

What do you have to say about Henry Cavill & Dwayne Johnson coming together? Let us know in the comments section below.

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