Han Ye Seul finally shuts down reports on boyfriend’s past; call allegations as mere “rumours” – Eagles Vine

Actress Han Ye Seul has released a tell-all video to address the wild allegations being made against her boyfriend. In a clip that she released on YouTube, the star went into details about the various reports doing the rounds, pertaining to her man’s past, besides allegations involving BLACKPINK’s Jennie, The Burning Sun incident, and more.

Han Ye Seul seized the opportunity during the tell-all video to vehemently deny all of the allegations levelled against her partner while informing people of the adverse effects of these rumours on his future.

She said that her boyfriend is not an escort at a host bar, nor involved in any scam, sex work, or escort services. “They are all rumours and none of them are factual. But these false rumors have been getting in the way of his future and for that, I will not be able to forgive,” said Han Ye Seul.

In response to rumours that she “exposed” her boyfriend, she said that by going public with her man was an indication that she has nothing to hide and that there were no hidden agendas at play.

“Do you think I’d be crazy, that I’d expose my boyfriend if there was something to hide? But I showed his face publicly, why would I sit there and say, ‘Oh, my boyfriend used to be this and used to work at at a karaoke.’ Why do I need to explain that to you guys?”, she said.

Over the past weeks the actress’ boyfriend was courting controversy when reports began circulating that he previously worked as a male escort. The unsubstantiated rumours were turned into a film by the Garo Sero Institute, which poked fun at the actress and her lover, leading to various other unverified allegations being made on public platforms.


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