‘Halloween Kills’ Takes a Stab at Getting Personal Through a lot of Pain

Laurie Strode and her family can’t catch a break. Moments after “Halloween” (2018) ends, “Halloween Kills” picks up with the Strode women, battered, bruised and begging for first responders not to rush toward a burning house. Michael Myers is in that house and the last thing they want is for him to be saved.

Spoiler: They do save him. 

And the deadly cycle begins again as Myers goes on a murderous rampage through the small town of Haddonfield. The original “Halloween” debuted in 1978 and has been a huge part of the horror lexicon ever since. And despite their injuries, Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie Strode) tells NBC the Strode women are ready to fight.

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“Halloween Kills” premieres Oct. 15 in theaters and on Peacock.

“In the ‘Halloween Kills’ movie the Strode family has come together,” Curtis explained. “They are the warriors now for Laurie. Laurie is a wounded warrior, they are walking point for Laurie.”

Judy Greer returns as Laurie’s daughter Karen. Andi Matichak picks up the mantle for Laurie as her granddaughter, Allyson.

“Halloween Kills” sees the return of some of the original cast members including Kyle Richards who was just 8 years old when the first movie was released. She tells NBC she was thrilled to return to her acting roots and perform opposite Curtis again.

“It was just incredible to go back to doing what I love most. My first love is acting,” Richards said. “And to be given this opportunity is something I’m incredibly grateful for. To be working with Jamie again, not just working for charity for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, to be working together as actors again and bonding over that again was such a great experience.”

Anthony Michael Hall plays the pivotal role of Tommy Doyle, the young boy Strode was babysitting when the mayhem first started in “Halloween” (1978). Now he’s all grown up and leading the town in a revolt.

“We’re going to fight now. I think Jamie makes that very clear in a scene where we’re all in the hospital,” Hall said. “But I think what’s really cool is there’s a heroic turn that everybody makes.”

Curtis tells NBC  “Halloween Kills” dives further into the relationships of these characters and gives fans more reason to care about their fate.

“I think what was magical about the 1978 movie is that you met these girls, walking down the street for 15 minutes before anything happens,” Curtis said. “There’s something beautiful about seeing people in a relationship before you introduce something terrifying.”

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“Halloween Kills” premieres Oct. 15 in theaters and on Peacock.

“Halloween Kills” is the second film in the Halloween trilogy from the creative team, including producer Jason Blum, co-writer Danny McBride, and director/co-producer David Gordon Green. It premieres in theaters and streams on Peacock Oct. 15. 


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