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The year 2020 has been a difficult one for many and Aahana Kumra too has had bitter-sweet memories of the past many months. Being in front of the camera for over a decade, Aahana had a rather fulfilling year with her several web series and moves hitting the internet. From resolution to regrets – Aahana Kumra opens up about 2020 in an exclusive interaction with ETimes. Read Excerpts:

Describe 2020 in one sentence
It has been a devastatingly, heartbreaking, reality-hitting yet on the professional front, a brilliant year for me.

Favourite film of 2020
I don’t think I have a favourite film yet but I am eagerly waiting for Wonder Woman. I really look up to Gal Gadot and so I think ‘Wonder Woman’ is going to be my next favourite film and I am pretty sure about it.

Favourite OTT show of 2020
I don’t think I can put a finger to one because there have been so many shows that I have loved. I absolutely loved ‘Formula 1: Drive to Survive’, I saw it right in the beginning right of lockdown. Apart from that there is ‘Crown’ season 4, ‘Scam’, ‘Pataal Lok’, ‘Queen’s Gambit’ and l can go on and on.

Talent you acquired in 2020
I don’t think this is a talent, but I realized the importance of waking up early and going for a run. I like to get my dose of Vitamin D and spend an hour in the sun. I run atleast 13-15 kms. So I think I acquired more stamina and resilience in 2020. I think I learnt that I did not indoors as much as I enjoyed outdoors. Adding to that I also acquired the talent to write in 2020, so I am very proud of that.

One holiday destination you missed in 2020
I was supposed to attend the Olympics in Tokyo this year. I have never attended the Olympics and it has been my dream as an audience. So, Tokyo was missed, it was on my bucket list his year and I really wanted to be in Tokyo during the Olympics. I sorely missed travelling in 2020.

Biggest regret of 2020
I don’t think I have any regrets. A couple of my friends lost their parents and I could attend their funerals, could not see them at that time because of Covid. That is one regret, I could not be there for my closest friends this year.

Resolution for 2021
I think hugging my parents more when I am not shooting. Telling them I love a lot more, I have had massive heartbreaks this year, seeing my friends lose their parents. So the resolution for 2021 is to keep your family close and make sure I pray as much as I prayed in 2020. The learning that I have had this year, I was to take them forward in 2021. I want to desperately and honestly complete the series that I am writing currently.

One film you are looking forward to in 2021
This year I have sorely missed cinemas, I love watching films in theatres. When the lights go off you get transported into a new world, the sound, visuals, the magic of cinema has been taken away this year and I want to watch every film that releases next year. And I am desperate to watch ‘Dune’ in 2021. If everything is alright, I will try and watch every film that releases as I just want to sit in the cinema hall, eat the popcorn and get transported to another world.


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