Gayle King’s quip about relationship with Oprah Winfrey: ‘We are not a couple!’

Oprah is speaking up about mental health again in a new Apple TV+ series she has created along with Prince Harry. The programme entitled The Me You Can’t See sees the pair open up about their own experiences and features other celebrities doing the same, including Lady Gaga and Glenn Close. Oprah has previously spoken about how her CBS colleague and best friend Gayle King has been a rock for her over the years.

The expedition was an 11-day 3,600-mile journey from Santa Barbara to New York dubbed ‘See the USA in a Chevrolet’.

On the second night, the pair slept in a rather unusual motel called the ‘Wigwam hotel’ where the rooms were shaped like teepees.

The woman at reception, who explained her father had built those rooms himself 55 years ago, asked the two travelling women whether they would like two rooms or one.

While Oprah suggested they shared a bedroom, Gayle insisted she wanted her “own teepee”.

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Oprah held her stomach as she laughed, before adding: “I know it looks a little suspicious, however…

“Listen, I want my wigwam on the other end of the village.”

The woman joked back: “That can be arranged.”

Gayle and Oprah were in a very giggly mood, having driven for 11 hours that day.

Gayle said later that it was “crack out loud hilarious funny to us” simply because they were so tired from the day’s driving.

Oprah and Gayle explained to the woman at reception that they had been driving for a long time and that they did not mean to be rude.

They then realised the women did not know who they were and Gayle asked whether her friend “looked like Oprah”.

When they revealed it was really Oprah Winfrey, the woman could not believe it and asked whether she was on Candid Camera.

The Me You Can’t See is available on Apple TV+ now.


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